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  100% Financing - Without touching your cash reserves you can have new profit making equipment, and use your cash for working capital.
Preserves Credit Lines - With leasing you keep your credit lines open for capital intensive needs such as: additional personnel, building expansion or improvements and inventory.
Tax Benefits - In many cases lease payments can be a monthly expense item, giving you greater flexibility at tax time.
Flexible Payment Plans - By leasing you can structure your payments to fit your budget. When you know what your monthly capital outlay is going to be on a consistent basis you can better plan for future growth in your company.
Allows Equipment to Pay for Itself - Would you pay an employee their salary five years in advance? Of course not. But when you pay cash for equipment you're essentially doing this. Allow the equipment to pay for itself as you use it.
Obsolescence Protection - With all the advances in technology, equipment can become obsolete within a few years. With a flexible lease program you can keep your equipment up to date and stay ahead of the competition.
Fixed Payments - Our lease is not subject to cancellation or recall without notice, unlike most traditional bank borrowing. Also, a change in the interest rates do not affect your established lease.
Increase Purchasing Power - By leasing your equipment you can expand your credit ceiling for future borrowing needs.
Simple Credit Process - A one page application is usually all that is needed to get the credit process underway.
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Many equipment buyers have chosen to work with MFS because they are a nationwide leader in equipment financing and leasing. They understand that in order to maximize results, innovative technology is the key factor. MFS offers flexible finance options that can often be tailored to your company's expectations. * this page is for reference only - Unique Machine & Tool does not finance or lease equipment.